The Lives of Darwin Blackwolf

Ying Yang Polar


Named after the polar effects of snow and rain happening within a block of each other, this multiplayer world is essentially my second online Minecraft home world.  It's not vanilla, and it doesn't have mobs running around.  Although they do pop in and out on the horizon, and occasionally, you'll turn around to the purple sparks of an Enderman, unable to fully form and attack you.  A creepy scene which happened to me.


Exolhar is its host and caretaker.


This is a world in its infancy.  It's got a lot of promise.  I've included a blog and image gallery to show off this world.


It's October 4th, 2013.  Exolhar felt he had to part ways with his world.  As of the 4th of October, 2013, the Ying Yang Polar world has merged with The Epsilon Project, headed by WTL.  See today's blog entry called "One Door Closes, And Another Opens" for more details.  I will keep this section open as a way to acknowledge its existence and Exolhar's hard work.





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