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A Modest Cavernous Home In The Veil ... With Bunnies

Added: August 29th, 2014

Even though I started in early August in The Veil, testing the 1.8 snapshots for speed increases which were minimal at best on my computer, it was still a lot of fun starting in a new world, with a constant addition of new items.

This home I made came from rushing to find a safe spot before the night arrived.  To be fair, I was running on Peaceful due to my low frame rate, but everything I did since early August was based on survival instincts in Minecraft.

The moment the new computer arrived, I gave the Easy mode a test to see whether my builds were mob-resistant, and I was impressed with my work.

That said, not many snapshots were taken of my escapades in The Veil, but that's fine.  Here are the most important ones up to now.

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