The Lives of Darwin Blackwolf

The Epsilon Project


It all first started in 2010 as what I coined "Dave's World."  It was somewhat of a vanilla world with an already established history, including pirate ships, cities, and castles.  Unfortunately, we wound up taking the game server to its limits and beyond, and the map became irreparably damaged.  Nothing could be saved but our wonderful memories.


A few days later, the multiplayer world of "Dave's World II," which I also coined, came to be.  But within a year, it too suffered a massive coronary, and most of the map was lost.


From the ashes came The Epsilon Project.  A very much vanilla world, but with one exception: the City of Nexus, originally built in Dave's World II, was salvaged and placed on the new seeded map.


The Epsilon Project's host and caretaker is WTL.  It's what I would consider my virtual home.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into building up this world, and while I don't spend each day in it, I will not leave it behind.





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