The Lives of Darwin Blackwolf

Terra Obscura


Terra Obscura is Latin for Dark Earth.  After Terra Nova temporarily went belly up and a new version of TerraFirmaCraft was released, the timing was perfect for a new world.  Terra Obscura was born.


I came up with the name Terra Obscura the moment I spawned on a beach around the z: -4500, meaning, good luck getting any snow.  The average biome temperature is even above what is required for fruit trees.


Terra Obscura uses the latest version of TerraFirmaCraft, which in turn runs on an older version of Minecraft (v.1.7.10), as well as the Forge mod.  I do not use FastCraft, NEI, or any other mods on top of the game.


I arrived in this world in October 2014.  It's a single player world, and it's a lot more challenging than Terra Nova, yet a lot more fun.


Check out the official TerraFirmaCraft for more information on this Minecraft mod.


Below is a link to Terra Obscura's snapshot gallery.  As well, while I originally opted out of a news section, here we are, it's March 2015, and I felt it would be a perfect time to start one.  I call it "A Journal In A Bottle."


Enjoy, and please, don't blow out the torches.



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