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Terra Nova


Terra Nova is Latin for New Earth.  It was also the name of a short-lived science fiction TV series a few years ago which I very much enjoyed.


I decided to name my world Terra Nova in honour of that show as the moment I spawned into this TerraFirmaCraft world, it felt like I had been transported back in time.  Minus the dinosaurs, although I'll admit, those would be interesting and challenging to deal with in survival mode.


Terra Nova uses the latest version of TerraFirmaCraft, which in turn runs on an older version of Minecraft (v.1.6.4), as well as the Forge mod.


I arrived in this world in May 2014.  This is a single player world.  It's a lot of fun.


Check out the official TerraFirmaCraft for more information on this Minecraft mod.


Below are links to Terra Nova's World News and Gallery pages.


Enjoy your visit.



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