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March 12th, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

A Fishing Frenzy, A Skeleton Trap, And A Panic Bunker


Image: Lonely skeletal horses looking for new owners.In The Epsilon Project, after a long trek in search for mending and beetroot, I took a few days off to relax with a good fishing rod on a patch of ice in Nexus Bay.  For some, fishing is long and tedious.  For others like myself, fishing is a way to relax and wonder what secrets I will pull out.  Knowing mending could be had this way, that was more than enough of a reason for me to sit back for a few game nights and do just that: fish.  As it turned out, a somewhat friendly zombie came to pay me a visit, and I encountered a skeleton trap which led me to my latest pet acquisition.

Meanwhile, WTL has been hard at work updating his castle to protect it against lightning.  I'm aiming for a gallery entry on his hard work shortly after he's done.

My next step is to get to work on adding more returned villagers (turned zombie villagers) to the Hive, and hopefully some of them will have mending books or items to trade.  The elixir has been brewed and poured into throwing containers.  Apples were dipped in liquid gold and dried to perfection.  And the cobwebs were removed from the Conversion Chamber.  Now, it's time to lure in the zombie vill ... erm, the clientele.


Over in Rising World's Darwinia, what once was going to be a super-vault is now a panic bunker, an underground space beneath my beach property which will include a home, a garden, a tree grove, a vault, and anything else I can come up with.  Seeing as a goat is my nearest neighbour, the beach is my oyster.


Have a great week, everyone.

February 25th, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

Back To The Epsilon Project


Image: Updated item elevator in Warehouse Prime.After almost two months away from The Epsilon Project, I returned a week or so ago to a few new additions to the City Of Nexus.  But I didn't have time to look beyond the city.  I had to fix the item elevator in Warehouse Prime to take care of the massive backlog of items in the hopper chains.

I then took some time to get some fishing done, hoping for some mended items, and it led me to the dead riders in the storm.

Updates to a game usually brings new items.  Beetroot has been around for some time, but it can't be gotten via villagers, so I decided to take a few days away from the city and try to find both a librarian with the Enchanted Book of Mending, and beetroot.  Anything else would have been a bonus.


Over in Rising World, my instincts have kicked in again.  The last time, they told me I should hurry and build the roofs atop my buildings.  This time, they're telling me to hurry and build a secret vault before bandits and other non-player characters arrive.


In Creativerse, Playful released the Published Adventures update which allows players to design adventures, puzzles, and games that can be published for others to play.  I'm not sure I'll take advantage as I just prefer to adventure.

February 9th, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

Up-To-Date In Rising World's Darwinia


Great news!  I'm finally up-to-date when it comes to Rising World's Darwinia.  I'm a few days late, but that's how the 20-sided die rolled.  At least I didn't roll a 1.


The galleries include the garden, the beach property, the outhouse, the mine, and a change in weather.


Image: Tamed Mirus in Creativerse.Over in Creativerse, the game continues.  I managed to make it down to the stalactite layer and I have found iron ore and Warmworms.  I also made friends with several Miru inhabitants who wanted to tear me limb from limb.  With Rising World's Darwinia's gallery entries now up-to-date, I'll be putting some time into setting up the Creativerse section.



In The Epsilon Project (TEP), WTL mentioned to me a few days ago that the server had been updated to 1.11.2.  I told him that as soon as I was done with my entries for Rising World, I'd be joining him in TEP once more.


Let's hope the next entry will include something from all these worlds.  But for now, enjoy today's entries, and I'll be back soon.

January 29th, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

Racing Towards The Finish Line


In Rising World's Darwinia, I'm in the final stretch heading towards the finish line as I type this.  I see the finish line up ahead, with what looks to be another five or six entries after these posted today.  Then, I'm all caught up, and new posts will be recent.  If I can't be done by the end of the day on January 31st, then I'm going to try for January 5th.


Image: The sun in Darwinia is so bright, I have to wear shades.After a bit of wandering around the world, as seen in my last Darwinia gallery posts, it was time to get some work done on the beach house property again.  I set my sights on cutting some wood and testing tree growth in my tree grove.  I also got to work on the cellar beneath the workshop.  Then there's the workshop's roof, as well as the beach house's roof.  And what's a bit of hard work without some nice moon shots.


Enjoy the gallery posts.

January 20th, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

January 2017 Games Update


I hope you've all had a good start to the new year, and you've been able to put in some time into your favourite games.


I am still on vacation from Minecraft.  The Epsilon Project (TEP) is still running on 1.08, and I'm yearning for 1.11.  I have absolutely no more inspiration towards 1.08, so instead of getting on each night and hunting or fishing as I've done in the past when bored, I decided to temporarily walk away from TEP.  I will return when the game world is updated.


The entries I have posted today revolve around my autumn 2016 game time in Rising World's Darwinia.  I'm hoping to eventually catch up to where I'm at today.  The entries include one where I take a day off, a new use for a sledgehammer, some red algae I found, and finding cotton and hemp plants.


I recently gave a new world a try in Rising World.  The newest update was causing rain to fall inside of my builds and mines in Darwinia, and fearing it was an old map problem, I tried a new one.  The problem persisted.  The problem is a Mac issue, so if you have a Windows box, I hear it's all fine.  Let's steer clear of the infantile Mac bashing.


Image: Landscape view from atop a snow-capped mountain in Creativerse.Over in the Creativerse, the game remains a lot of fun.  The developers are updating it often enough and there are ample blocks to choose from so far.  All this while still in alpha.  I'm pondering the idea of a section for this game on my site, seeing as I am taking a lot of snapshots.  Oh, and for all of us Minecraft gamers who've been yearning for glass and obsidian slabs and stairs, Creativerse has them and more.

December 31st, 2016

by Darwin Blackwolf

Darwinia, Rising World, And Creativerse


I call this my massive Darwinia in Rising World update, but there are a few other things to mention as well.


First of all, as of today, Rising World is now up to Alpha release 0.8 entitled Dungeons, and it's a wallop of a release by the development team behind the game.  It includes, as the title is aptly called, dungeons, but it also brings weather to the game, and for those who are wishing to be creative, there's even a mattress which you can use to make your own bed.  Add a few animals such as deer and polar bears, as well as much (very much) more, and you have one massive update.  It should be noted that for some odd reason, this update does not want to run on a Mac at this moment.


Image: My small underground home in Creativerse.Second, over the course of the last few weeks, I took a break from Rising World while awaiting the Dungeons update to give another sandbox game a try.  Creativerse is its name, and it's a lot of fun.  It's a lot more like Minecraft with its blocky terrain than Rising World with its voxel terrain.  I'm all for supporting good games, as long as I have time to play them, which is why my four favourite games at this point are Rising World, Creativerse, Starbound, and vanilla Minecraft, which I doubt I'll ever grow tired of enough to say "I quit" to it.


Third.  While I had plans to post screenshots of the game called Sword Coast Legends, and it might still happen, there's a good chance it won't because the developers behind the game seem to have given up on it.


Last but not least, Darwinia.  I wanted to end the year with a few entries, and I found myself getting five done and posted today.  The galleries I'm posting are still based on gameplay from several months ago, but I am catching up, and I hope to have caught up before the end of the month of January 2017.


The gallery entries include part two of my Workshop build, part two, part three, and part four of my Beach House build, as well as an entry of my first gold find.


That's it from me for 2016.  I look forward to not only posting a lot more in 2017, but to manage a way to port the site over to WordPress.  I am keeping the site up to date offline until the time comes to port it over, so barring unforeseen circumstances, when the time comes to move to WordPress, it should be very easy and very quick.


Once again, Happy New Year, everyone!

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