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Pending Builds In Nexus

Added: February 25th, 2017

Two months away from the game, and the first change I encounter while roaming around is the front of the City of Nexus, where WTL decided to set up the skeleton of several future buildings.  He says he has no idea what they're going to be yet, so once it's figured out, I will cover it here.

A Kaleidoscopic Pyramid

Added: December 26th, 2016

Games like Minecraft bring out the best in all of us gamers.  WTL once built an underground pyramid in The Epsilon Project.  It looked psychedelic in its own way.  Most people will never fall upon it even after five years of playing on our server, but it'll surprise them when they do fall upon it.

This time around, WTL put his mind into a mirrored pyramid where one would be rising up, and inside it, it would be going down into the ground.  So from inside, you'd get an eight-sided diamond.  I suddenly feel like rolling for damage (paper-based RPG plug).

While the placement on the map was odd, I suppose one could argue it's a sight-seeing location.  The outer pyramid is made of Nether Brick stairs and cobblestone, while the inner-ground reverse pyramid is made of cobblestone stairs.  But if you go to the top of the outer pyramid, you'll find a 2x2 square of glass blocks, and looking inside shows off a strange kaleidoscopic visual effect.

With the hospital and asylum being built next door, one could argue that once the effect of the pyramid has driven you insane, the asylum is only next door.  Remember: Ragout Tuesdays!

The Darwin Blackwolf Manor, Part Four

Added: December 26th, 2016

The fourth part in the series revolves around the more aesthetic look of some parts of the manor, including the kitchen, my bedroom, one bathroom, and hallways.


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It should be noted that I am not done with the manor, but the house in general is done.  I expect to have another two or three entries in the series at some point.

The Darwin Blackwolf Manor, Part Three

Added: December 26th, 2016

The outside of a house is as important as the inside.  Why would anyone want to come inside if the outside wasn't welcoming at all.  This third entry in the series covers the front doorbell, the storage basement, the backyard, and the carpeted main floor.


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The Darwin Blackwolf Manor, Part Two

Added: December 10th, 2016

The Dark Tower in the City of Nexus has been my home in the city since the beginning.  Branding David was working on his skyscraper and WTL was attempting to figure out what he was going to do with his lot.  I had originally settled on a different lot where the magic and potion shoppes are currently located, but I quickly realized the space just wasn't right.  The Dark Tower soon received a taller younger sister called the Tower of Light which rose above the clouds, defining it as a prime location for bay diving.


As more work was done on building and designing the manor, the place was starting to look more and more like my new home.  Or more specifically, my home away from home.

The Darwin Blackwolf Manor isn't meant to equal or even come close to the vastness of DC's Wayne Manor.  I don't need ten washrooms, a massive ballroom, a bazillion bedrooms, and a property the size of a small town.

This entry includes several interior and exterior snapshots, including shots taken from across Nexus Bay.


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The Darwin Blackwolf Manor, Part One

Added: December 4th, 2016

Originally known as Project Omega, the Darwin Blackwolf Manor has been in the works ever since I razed the jungle from its lot over a year ago.  Unfortunately, I just couldn't figure out what the look and feel of the place would be.  Every time I came up with an idea, I shot it down.  So I found myself working on other projects.  I also found myself hunting a lot more than I should have.

Then one day a few weeks ago, it all came to me.  I started by setting down all the corner blocks to help me identify where doors and windows would be.  One of the priorities was to guarantee the giant jungle tree I had originally left alive, stayed.  I took advantage of its long vines to set up a nifty entrance to the place.

It didn't take long once the preliminary blocks were down.  Within a couple of nights, I had the building skeleton and the floors set up, and it was time to work on the next part.

Before I started, I also had several penned sheep on the lot.  I had to make sure they had a home.  And I knew I wanted to bring over Nightmare and Daydream (my horses) which had been housed on the Darwin Blackwolf Estate for the last few years.  With the pending arrival of Minecraft v1.11 to The Epsilon Project, I knew one lightning strike could turn either one of them into skeletal horses, so I had to protect them.

In all, there will be four entries for this project.

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