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Back To The Returned

Added: March 19th, 2017

After months not working on turning zombie villagers into returned villagers, WTL and I moved on to other projects.  But then WTL updated the server from 1.8.2 to 1.11.2, and now we have this very useful and powerful enchantment called mending.  Also, the white robed villager was also split into two professions: librarian and cartographer.  While the librarians now offered the new enchantments as trades, the cartographers offer maps to hard-to-find special places in your game world.  That could be overworld strongholds, desert temples, wilderness mansions, and even sea temples.

I am looking for librarians, not cartographers.  But I'll take what I get.  The returned villagers who have nothing to offer usually wind up as anticipatory reserves for the Iron Worx whenever employees go missing without an explanation.  But if the returned villager is useful, an appropriate place will be found for him to trade his wares.  Places like the City of Nexus Mini-Market Network.

No matter what, once a zombie villager leaves the conversion chamber as a returned villager, he gets shipped off to the sorter, and eventually winds up with his or her own apartment in the Hive Complex above it until they can serve a purpose.

It's a somewhat known fact around the City of Nexus and The Epsilon Project itself that if you're looking for good trades, you should pay a visit to the Hive Complex apartments and do some comparison shopping.  At last count, there were six active floors with about ten to twenty returned villagers on each.  The plan is to keep building upward as long as apartments are needed for future residents.

That said, this white robed returned villager turned out to be a cartographer who goes by the name of Angelus Anrock.  He claims to have been born hundreds of years ago when one day, zombies attacked his family's forest mansion.  Today, now back with the living, he offered me two maps: one to a sea temple I had already visited, and one to his own family's forest mansion, which he claims is haunted by his brother and house servants.  WTL and I both agree that this will surely make for a very interesting adventure one day.  If we could only figure out where it is as these special maps cannot be resized.

Angelus has been sent to the sorter, and I hear the City of Nexus Museum of Antiquities is already interested in hiring him for his expertise.

And I Called Him Death Rattle

Added: March 12th, 2017

While on my fishing frenzy, I spotted a lone skeleton horse in the water not too far from me, but far enough to know the skeleton trap had not yet been tripped.  Come morning, not having fully read how a skeleton trap worked, I decided to approach the horse.  A lightning strike later, and I had to deal with four helmed skeletal warriors, and three more skeleton horses.

The new code does make the skeletons more tactical, faster, and at times even more aggressive.  But that didn't stop them from attacking each other for a bit.  Other than their magical helms, there is nothing special about skeletal warriors that I had not already seen with regular skeletons.  And because of that, they were easily dispatched.

Not long afterward, with the help of WTL, we rode three of the four skeletal horses to the Ponderosa, their new home, as long as they don't despawn, and I retained the fourth one for myself.  I named him Death Rattle and parked him temporarily in my work shed on the manor's grounds.  I was going to place him in the stable with the other horses, but I didn't want Day Dream, Nightmare, and their foals to panic.

The next game night, before calling it quits, I headed to the Ponderosa to check in on the other skeleton horses.  All three remained saddled and awaiting riders.  No more traps with this batch.  I hope.

As more of these skeleton traps get tripped, the Ponderosa will be booming with the dead remnants.  An ironic twist to a stable house once dedicated to living horses.  I just wouldn't want to be wbif who lives next door to the Ponderosa.  A skeletal whinny is creepy.  But three?  A dozen?  I just hope the property value in the are doesn't go down.

Finally, Some Mending

Added: March 12th, 2017

After my adventuring to the south and west of the WTL Expressway, I came home with beetroot, knowledge of an existing llama population, enough pigs for a massive roast, and the discovery of a new village.  But I did not come back with mending.

So upon my return home, I settled in on the ice sheath in Nexus Bay, and fished for a few nights.  I managed to get enough enchanted fishing rods and books to have a maxed-out fishing rod with Mending, Lure III, Luck of the Sea III, and Unbreaking III.  I named it Orca, based on the boat in the movie Jaws.  However, I do feel Unbreaking III could be considered overkill if you have Mending.  I also found myself with a bow that had Mending and Power IV on it.  I added an enchanted book with Power IV and Unbreaking III to it to give me a bow that now has Mending, Power V, and Unbreaking III.

I was also able to add Mending to my already enchanted diamond pick which already had Fortune III and Unbreaking III on it.  I called it Tasslehoff based on the classic Dragonlance series.  I chose not to give it any Efficiency enchantment so I can slow down the mining process of ore for more XPs.  I might add some Efficiency to it later.

I finished up with adding Mending to my diamond chestplate, and now while in combat, it automatically mends itself with the XPs I collect.  Very nice.

So, not bad for a fishing frenzy.

I can see myself having Mending on everything on me sooner rather than later, but the question is: Is Mending too powerful for the game?  Let's enjoy it while we can before it gains limits.

And for those who don't know, Mending and Infinity don't stack, so you can either have a bow that can be mended infinitely but you are limited to the amount of arrows in your inventory, or you can have a bow that can fire off an infinite amount of arrows, but will eventually no longer be fixable due to the high level of XPs needed.

In The Epsilon Project, thanks to the Pit (WTL's mob spawner), we have so many arrows we have to throw some away.

In Search Of Mending And Beetroot

Added: February 25th, 2017

Going from 1.8.2 to 1.11.2 added a lot of new items to the game.  From blocks to mobs.  The Mending enchantment and beetroot were two of the most important additions for me.  While I was able to fish out several items with Mending on them, it's currently not possible to get the Mending enchantment with the Enchantment Table.   So with resources in hand, I headed out to find new villages.

Bearing in mind that I play Minecraft on The Epsilon Project for about 1.5 hours a day, it took me in total four game nights to wander far away to new chunks, discover new things, and return home with an overloaded backpack.

All-in-all, I encountered two displaced desert temples, one displaced village, one ocean temple, and one new village which even had a cartographer and green-robed villagers.  And I can't forget to mention the llamas.

The one and only librarian in the new village sold enchanted books for Flame, Respiration II, and Infinity.  But at least I came out of it with ample beetroot.

I took down the coordinates of this new village, and it's only about 600 squares away from the WTL Expressway to the south.  I soon plan on going back with enough resources to protect and rebuild the village.

But before I left the village, I locked all the villagers in the homes they were inhabiting to protect them from zombies.  I just hope that when I get back there, they'll all still be alive.

However, for the Mending enchantment, the plan is to get back to work on The Returned, in the hopes that some villagers will have the Mending enchantment.

Dead Riders In The Storm

Added: February 25th, 2017

Realizing there are only a few ways to get Mending in the game, I decided to take a break from it all to do a bit of fishing.  As it turns out,  I wasn't the only one fishing that rainy thunderous night.  Something was telling me I was being watched.  That I wasn't alone.  For those who haven't encountered skeletons on water yet, they're fast to land now.  On the bright side, I was able to fish out two bows and one fishing rod with the Mending enchantment.

The next day, as I came into the game, I spotted more dead horses standing around, but these had no riders.  I checked them over.  Even sat on one.  I noticed you can saddle them.  Food for thought.  But I'm glad for one thing: I moved my prized stallions from outside to inside their own stable before the update as I heard lightning could turn a regular horse into a dead one.

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