The Lives of Darwin Blackwolf



It was only a matter of time before I called a game world Darwinia.  I originally thought it was going to be in Minecraft, where the village and town of Darwinia existed at one point or another, and it would have made sense to up the ante with a world by that name.  But instead, the name was used for my Rising World game world.


Indeed.  When I bought Rising World on the 20th of August, 2016 via Steam, and I was asked what I wanted to call my gaming world, Darwinia was the first name to come to mind.


For those who don't know, Rising World is a lot like Minecraft as it's a sandboxed 3D world where you can eat, drink, mine, build, explore, and hunt.  Unlike Minecraft, the game's graphics are voxel-based, which allows for a less blocky and much more realistic world than Minecraft allows.  Oh, and there's no magic or redstone dust.


Darwinia is my private world in Rising World.


Enjoy the view!




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