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The Workshop, Part Four

Added: January 29th, 2017

Time to work on the second floor, the roof, and add the railings.

For the roof, I decided to go with an asphalt roof atop a wood frame.  Both from inside and out, it looked more realistic than just a wooden roof.  I added a chandelier merely because I opted out of setting one up in the house, and it was sitting there doing nothing.  I might opt for hanging lights later.

The second floor was never meant to be a space for storage.  I set up a walkway around the inner-perimeter of the workshop, and when I had to choose what type of railing I wanted, I decided to go with wooden-framed glass panes.  I used the same look for the railing around the stairway to the basement.

Building a house, a workshop, or any other major establishment is a never-ending job, and while it seems I am happy with what the workshop looks like right now, I know for a fact that I will find something more to do later.

Nice Moon Shots

Added: January 29th, 2017

The developers (namely Red51) has a plan for this game.  As do we.  It's obvious that a part of his plan includes making the graphics look so realistic you sometimes feel like you're really there.  Take the moon, for instance.  Before some of the more recent updates, the moon would always be full in the sky.  If you hit the Z key on your keyboard, you can zoom into any and all aspects of the game.  That is, outside of the heads-up display.

Two of these snapshots I took include the use of the Z key, and photographically speaking, I love the snapshots I took.  I hope you do too.

My only regret was that at the time, I didn't know how to make the heads-up display disappear from the screen.

The Palm Tree Grove

Added: January 29th, 2017

When I first arrived on the beach, there were just a few palm trees around.  You could count them easily, even if you needed more than one hand to do so on them.  But a few trees doesn't exactly give you enough wood to work with when building a house.  So, six trees led to twelve, which led to twenty-four, which led to fifty, which led to a hundred, which led to I don't know anymore.

It's just unfortunate that no matter what tree you cut, you can make the exact same thing with all of them.

But if you're in dire need of a lot of wood for your builds - and most likely you are - then one of your priorities is a tree grove.  Palm trees grow on beaches, so when you cut them, you can't miss a piece of wood or sapling due to tall flora.

The Workshop, Part Three

Added: January 29th, 2017

Storage space.  Whether they're warehouses, sheds, attics, cellars, or even outside on the lawn, we all need storage space.  I started off chests, thinking that would be enough, but I quickly migrated to barrels.  Then crates of varying sizes came along, and I migrated to them.

But you still need to store those chests, barrels, and crates somewhere.  So I decided to build myself a cellar beneath the workshop to store all of my building materials.

I don't know how long I'll be able to keep going with the size I built the cellar, but that's the way it is in sandbox games when you love to amass as much of anything "just in case."

But if you love mining, and like me, it's a zen experience, it might be a wise idea to make sure your storage space is big enough to hold your hoard.

Operation: Cotton And Hemp Plants

Added: January 20th, 2017

Heading east beyond the red algae I had found, I eventually decided to step off the island-framed beach and head inland.  The cotton plants were easy enough to find, but it took me going into a forest to find the hemp plant.  Along the way, I fell upon several amazing landscapes which I thought of adding to this gallery to show how truly realistic this world is looking.

Ironically, I spent five nights walking the beach to find the cotton plant first.  And now, it's growing in the plains next to my beach house.

Red Algae

Added: January 20th, 2017

When I headed east to find cotton and hemp, I found some red algae.  The first two snapshots were taken of red algae outside of the water, while the third snapshot shows another batch of red algae located underwater.  I've yet to succeed in picking any up, so I'm guessing they're currently only for show.

A New Use For A Sledgehammer

Added: January 20th, 2017

Up until an update in autumn 2016, when you broke a block of stone, it would be destroyed and you couldn't get it back.  Then, the idea of using the sledgehammer to loosen and preserve a stone block was implemented, and we were suddenly unafraid to build with stone blocks.  Unfortunately, this implementation did not include wood.  It's always hopeful that we will one day be able to undo and preserve wood planks and beams.

If you're someone like me who tends to grow massive tree groves for the sole purpose of amassing as much wood as possible, then it shouldn't really matter that I couldn't get my planks and beams back, but for the sake of instilling a level of realism to the game, it would be nice to get them back.

It should be noted that unlike in Minecraft where only administrators should have access to the game's Creative Mode, in Rising World, anyone generally has access to it, and anyone can summon any block type using any in-game texture type.  The idea is, if you're wishing for a realistic level of game play, Creative Mode can help, but it can also ruin your game.

Below is an image of what happened after I used the sledgehammer on several blocks of stone.  They found themselves piling one on top of another.  Hit them once more, and they will be gone forever.

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