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The Panic Bunker, Part Four

Added: May 1st, 2017

Part four of the panic bunker covers the workshop.  If the world comes to an end above-ground, and I want to keep on surviving for a very long time, I need everything possible to sustain myself.  That not only includes ample food, but also the tools to build what I need to keep going.

Instead of putting all the work stations along the exterior walls of the room, I chose a more central location.  This way, I don't need to go running across the room to use a different work station.  I can, in most cases, just turn sideways.

I have also chosen not to include a furnace in this room.  The plan is to build a separate room which will not only include space for multiple furnaces, but also space to store all the processed and unprocessed ore.

There is also a good possibility the stone crusher will eventually find itself in another room, but for now, it's safe in the workshop.

I have an idea for those alcoves in the workshop, including shelves, so stay tuned for a future entry on those.

The Panic Bunker, Part Three

Added: April 1st, 2017

Ever so slowly, I'm expanding the panic bunker.  The goal remains to make is so I could, in essence, forever live underground.  In reality, there are a lot of ailments associated with this sort of idea, but in a game, until those ailments are brought into the game mechanics by the developer, it's quite feasible.

In this third entry of the panic bunker series, I mine and build the garden chamber I'm going to use to grow cotton and hemp.  As with the fruit and vegetable garden, I made sure to have enough of these resources to last me a lifetime.

Once again, while mining the space needed, I was able to amass over 2x64 of iron, copper, and tungsten.  More than enough to power the lighting system for the room.

The Panic Bunker, Part Two

Added: March 19th, 2017

Work on the panic bunker continues as I set up the default look and feel for the hallways that lead from one room to another.  I didn't want to build the bunker as if it were a house: with a room on the other side of each wall.  In retrospect of the look I used, it reminds me a bit of the look and feel of the Nether strongholds in Minecraft, with space between the walls.  Minus the massive lava pools below, of course.

While I made the doorways wider than a single door can handle in Rising World, I'm hopeful the developers will one day make doors resizable as with wood beams and planks.

After finalizing the look and feel of the hallways, I had to choose between two expansions: the garden and the workshop.  I chose the garden as it offered more challenges.  But I just didn't think one could use the natural blocks in the block bench to actually set up a fully-functional garden.  And here I was using rakes and hoes for my original garden up top.  However, attempting to lay regular dirt on stone proved impossible to control the way I wanted to control it.

That said, I like the idea of primary lighting by torchlight for each room and hallway.  But for certain rooms, I'm definitely going to go for a more modern lighting system.  The gardens, for instance, need more light to compensate for the lack of sunlight entering the bunker.

At this point, the food garden is done, and over the course of the next week, I should have the resources garden (cotton and hemp plants) done as well.

The Panic Bunker, Part One

Added: March 12th, 2017

Sooner or later, bandits will come to this land and start taking things just because they can.  Until the invention of the lock, it'll require me to be more devious.  I was originally pondering the idea of a vault where bandits couldn't get to my most valuable possessions.  But then I thought to myself "what if it's an army of bandits and I can't defend myself?"  I needed more than a vault.  I needed a panic bunker.

This panic bunker is hidden underground beneath the beach and beneath my beach property, where there is no chance of meeting up with generated tunnels.  The entryway, for now, will be a mere regular wall which will require me to use the hammer on it to get in.  Hopefully, one day we'll have the ability to create secret doorways.

Within this panic bunker, there will be more than enough food and water to last me an eternity, and 90% of my ore will be below as well.  I will have a backup workshop and home, and with enough lighting, a massive garden and tree grove as well.  It would be nice to have some animals as well, but first they need to obeys the laws of physics and stop passing through tangible objects.

This first entry covers the staircase leading down to the panic bunker, as well as the primary chamber below.  In future entries, I'll be covering the other parts of the bunker, including the workshop, the living quarters, the garden and tree areas, and the vault.  To name a few things.  Being next to the ocean gives me an idea of digging beneath the ocean and having a skylight window that shows me the ocean.  I have no plans of accessing Hell from the bunker, opting to keep that for the outhouse mining shaft.  But I might one day give the bunker access to that shaft.

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