The Lives of Darwin Blackwolf

Darwin's Lab


Darwin's Lab came to me after Ground Zero (G0) started to slow down thanks to all the tests done on it.


For this single player test game, I decided to create my own world.  It was to be flat, have a base of bedrock, followed by ample smooth stone, and then dirt.  Coincidentally, once the terraforming was done, I was also given a village.


As more and more fun and interesting new items come out with new versions of MineCraft, I'm most likely to give them a try here.  If I see a YouTube video with a wonderful idea I wouldn't mind incorporating into one of the multiplayer worlds, it'll be tested intensively in the Lab.


This is a good time to point out that after all these upgrades, there is still enough of a difference between Single Player and Multiplayer to cause an issue with some projects working in Single Player, and not working in Multiplayer.  Hopefully, that'll change one day.


Both a blog and a gallery are included which pertain to Darwin's Lab.





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