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About Darwin Blackwolf


This site revolves around the multiple game worlds I play in, including Minecraft, and as of 2016, Rising World.


Every image on this site - unless stated otherwise - is either a first-person screenshot from my computers or an image I designed or transcribed in Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or Affinity Designer.  That includes header and body images.


The screenshots shown on this site are taken via the built-in F2 Minecraft command, and the Command+Shift+3 MacOS X command.


The site itself was designed using Adobe Muse, with the help of a few HTML snippets along the way, and gets regularly tested using both Adobe Muse's previewing tools, and the Apple Safari web browser.


Darwin Blackwolf


The name Darwin Blackwolf came to me back in the mid-1980's when I was playing Empire on my Amiga.  I've been using this name on and off ever since.  In Minecraft, I'm a builder and an explorer.  I'm not one for PvPs, and I do not like immoral or dishonest behaviour.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Unless you wish to be treated poorly.  In which case, I have nothing more to say.




One of the best and entertaining sandbox games I have ever played.  It's available on practically every platform out there, but I play it on an Apple iMac.  To find out more about Minecraft, check out the official Minecraft web site.




In my book, TerraFirmaCraft is the best Minecraft mod I have ever set my hands upon.  Survival is much different than in vanilla Minecraft, and the things you can do with it adds to the enjoyment of the game.  It does require the Forge and MCP mods, as well as Minecraft v.1.7.10, but the current Minecraft loader does run it all.  To find out more about TerraFirmaCraft, check out the official TerraFirmaCraft web site.


Rising World


What Minecraft was to me in 2011, Rising World is to me in 2016.  Like Minecraft and Infiniminer before that, Rising World is a 3D sandbox world where you can do pretty much anything, including mining, building, and hunting.  At the time of typing this in October 2016, the game remains in its Alpha stage, meaning there's ample room for ample more to come.  To find out more about Rising World, check out the official Rising World web site.


World Blogs


Each world has its own blog, written by me, about the world itself.  I'm a storyteller at heart, so most of the news entries will include weaved stories.  I don't know how often I'll be writing entries, so bear with me.


Hardware and Software Used


Hardware: 27" 3.5 GHz iMac i7 with 8 gb of RAM, 4 gb of graphic RAM, and a 3 tb Fusion Drive.

Software used for the site: Adobe Creative Cloud software (Fireworks, Illustrator, Muse, Photoshop, and TypeKit), Apple software (QuickTime and Safari), and Serif software (Affinity Designer).

Games and Mods: Minecraft, TerraFirmaCraft, Forge, and Rising World.


Future Plans For This Site


  • A move to or a WordPress-supported server.
  • Maybe videos on Vimeo or YouTube.
  • New games.
  • Maybe live-streams via Hitbox or Twitch.

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