The Lives of Darwin Blackwolf

Welcome To The Lives of Darwin Blackwolf

May 20th, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

Lightning Damage And A WordPress Update


Image: The Experimental Farm, post-reno.After a total write-off of the barn on the Experimental Farm, I had to rebuild it, almost from scratch.  This time, I used non-flammable materials to prevent the problem from happening again in the future.


In Rising World's Darwinia, I'm still working on the panic bunker's textiles chamber, and while I have finished the above-ground Darwinian Textiles Co. property, I need to add a few finishing touches before I post a gallery entry.


The latest add-on for Cities: Skylines, entitled "Mass Transit" was released on Thursday the 18th of May, 2017.  The Canadian price was $16.99, and I have picked it up.  I don't know when I'll get around to playing, but it's there for when I do.


The last time I went into my Creativerse world, I looked around to make sure my pets were happy and well-fed, before logging off once more.


The WordPress edition of this site will soon be transferred from my hard drive to an external server.  There might be a bit of down time during the move as I don't have the finances to continue using Adobe Business Catalyst through Adobe Creative Cloud, and I just want to make sure you all know in advance so you don't think I called it quits and didn't announce it.

The new site looks great.  I won't have to manually build each entry from almost scratch, and the process to get from draft to publish is much less laborious.

Don't get me wrong.  I love Adobe Muse.  But my site has evolved a lot since its 2013 start.  There are a lot more pages, and keeping it looking like a blog is more work as the entries keep getting added.  The WordPress edition will have many more pages as each entry gets its own page.  This will also allow the site and pages in general to load much faster.

And over the course of time, something tells me it'll be easier to implement new looks, feels, and whatever else I want, without having to redo the site from scratch yet again.

Games like Creativerse, Cities: Skylines, and any other game will have an easier chance of having a dedicated space after the move.

So stay tuned.  Hopefully, the move will be incident-free.  I'm here for the long haul.

May 6th, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

Beetroot, Villages, And Workshops


I hope the month of May has started off well for all of you.

I have three entries today for all of you to enjoy.  One in Rising World's Darwinia, and the other two in The Epsilon Project.

First off, I mostly finished work on my new Panic Bunker's workshop in Rising World's Darwinia.  At this point, I'm adding a few finishing touches to it and the pending textiles building.

Image: A goat wandered into my basement one day and never left.Rising World has recently received an update with several additions, including new plants such as nettles and hogweed, a new interactive map that allows you to set your own markers, the paper press which allows you to make rags and paper, a new white wood texture (ID 84), and a currently unmovable stone chest, to name a few.  With the developer having a plan of his own, yet incorporating gamers' ideas along the way, the game just keeps on getting better.  But a warning to those who are looking at a new Minecraft-style game: The most dangerous opponents in Rising World remain animals you would encounter on our own planet, and the primary objective of the game remains building.


Life in The Epsilon Project is a tad rougher.  It would appear we are receiving a lot more thunderstorms and rain than usual, but WTL and I are managing to keep things going throughout.  Over the last week or so, I took a journey to the north of the WTL Expressway in the hope of finding some villagers.  I also finally added beetroot to my fortress property in the District of Triviis.

WTL continues to work on his builds near the front of the City of Nexus, and I hope to have an entry on all of his work once he is done.


That said, onward to the next entry, and happy gaming.

April 20th, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

Renos, Breaks, Demos, And Deaths


While I have started work on the workroom in my panic bunker, I have not finished on time for this post which is already a week late.  A new update is imminent for between 7-9 GMT today, so I'm looking forward to seeing what's new.  My fingers are crossed that we won't be seeing bandits for a while longer.  My next entry will include a bit on the update.


Gaming in the Creativerse is temporarily on hold as I don't have the time to add a section in this version of the site, and I'd rather be playing in worlds that I do write about on this site.


Image: Lightning damage in the acacia and jungle tree groves.However, I have been able to put together four entries from The Epsilon Project, and as you'll see, the title goes well with them.

First up, part one of WTL's renovation project of his castle.  I only have the outside snapshots for this entry.  I've taken some from the inside, but seeing as he wasn't done, I withheld those for parts two and three.

Then there's the breaking of the gold farm over in the Nether.  Sometimes, this is what happens when you update a game when the developers made changes to the way things work.

I follow that up with WTL demolishing WTL Tower.  Considering it was almost all made of wood, it was a lightning magnet.

And last, my in-game death.  It was one for the ages, and considering I don't recall my last death (around 2011, I think), I accidentally made sure I wouldn't be forgetting this one any time soon.

April 1st, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

Furthering The Bunker


In The Epsilon Project, I converted a few more zombie villagers, but there has yet to be a new librarian with mending books.  WTL is still hard at work on his massive castle renovation.

Image: Clash Of The Mobs: Skeleton vs. Zombie.  Who will win?I've also been in the presence of some amazing mob fights.  Instigated by myself by lining a zombie between a skeleton and myself (see image to the left), it may cost me some experience, but it makes for an entertaining breather in the midst of nightly combat.  Unfortunately, due to the timing, I wasn't able to hide the heads-up display in time.

Plans are afoot to return to The End and see whether the Enderdragon returned with the game update, or if we still have free reign of the place.  I'd also like to find one of those new End Cities and make some shulker boxes, among other things.  It's just a matter of trying to get the band together and arming up.


Over in Rising World's Darwinia, I continued working on the panic bunker, setting up the cotton and hemp garden chamber.  Now at three chambers, the fourth one will be the workshop.

March 19th, 2017

by Darwin Blackwolf

Bunker Update And The Returned


In Rising World's Darwinia, I continue work on the panic bunker, including designing what the hallways will look like.  By the time I'm done, I could in all essence live underground forever.


Image: Free-wheelin' zombie cartographer.In The Epsilon Project, WTL continues work on his castle's renovations, and I started work on bringing more returned villagers to the world in the hope of adding some new librarians with some mending books, weapons, and tools.  My first "white coat" turned out to be a cartographer with a map for a forest mansion, and one for a sea temple.

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